Jason King 1.24 – Zenia

Sadly, that’s just got to be the worst episode of the series. I thought two things were interesting, and our son thought no things whatever were interesting. One was that the character of Zenia was played by actress Zienia Merton. I wonder which came first, the script or the casting.

The other interesting thing is that for a moment, this appears to be a sequel to an episode of Department S. Jason recognizes a man on an airplane as an internationally-wanted assassin, sparking a very short dialogue-free clip of the three leads from the earlier series, as though this was a villain who once got away. I hardly know that series inside and out, but since the assassin gets killed unceremoniously maybe six minutes later, it’s probably not an actual loose end from that show, and instead just a quick way to get Jason in front of the president of this week’s Nosuchlandia to tell him that his life is in danger.

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