Stargate SG-1 6.10 – Cure

It’s another bomb for our son this week; he couldn’t stand this one. “Cure” brings our heroes, and eventually some of their allies, to a world whose tech is a few years behind Earth’s, but they’ve got a miracle drug that they synthesize from a Goa’uld Queen that they found decades previously, and on whom they’ve been experimenting mercilessly. Over time, the drug’s proving to have some nasty side effects and these people need help.

I think the problem, dramatically, is that almost all the important decisions in this story were actually made a very long time ago. Each revelation isn’t over something new in the plot, it’s a newly-discovered wrinkle in the backstory. As such, nobody really does anything to move the story along or push it in a new direction. All the actors have lines, but they don’t have anything to do. The moral and ethical questions are interesting, but if our heroes had waited about four months to visit, the problem would have resolved itself without them.

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