Stargate SG-1 6.5 – Nightwalkers

Last night, I was talking about recognizable filming locations, and tonight, three-fourths of the Stargate team went out to Steveson, a popular neighborhood of Richmond, British Columbia, to make an X Files episode. That show had filmed here on the same main street a couple of times in its first season, nine years previously, just to nail the point home. I’m sure the regular customers of Dave’s Fish and Chips and the Kisamos Taverna got as much of a smile seeing their favorite restaurants onscreen as I do seeing the Krog Street Tunnel.

Unfortunately, “Nightwalkers” is all style and no substance, with very strange plot holes. While they did a good job conveying the paranoia and quiet menace of a good X Files, this investigation of a small town where a Man Who Knows Too Much has vanished looks like it was built around set pieces – oh, we need to have a bit where the heroes nearly get into a bar fight with alien-controlled locals – before they figured out what the plot was, because there’s no reason for those aliens to have been hanging out in that bar. If these cloned alien symbiotes know as much as they know about the secret human intelligence services like the NID, then surely they know who Major Carter is, since she was involved with the events that spawned them in the previous season’s “Desperate Measures”. Actually, the kid spotted that before I did. That’s not the first time he’s found a plot hole in this show that I missed.

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