Stargate SG-1 6.4 – Frozen

And then there was that time the costume department phoned up The North Face and ordered for a wardrobe full of winter wear and The North Face said “Heck, you can have it all for free as long as you show the logo in just about every shot.”

I liked “Frozen” more than the rest of the family, in part because it subverts expectations a little bit. In Antarctica, scientists exploring the site of the second gate have unearthed a body, which, in the way of these things, is somehow still alive. The kid knew where this was going; he’s seen it a time or three in Doctor Who. But as much as it would be amusing for them to have unearthed an Ice Warrior or a Krynoid, or James Arness, who inspired them both, they dig up something creepier: a virus that’s carried by a mysterious and very quiet woman played by actress Ona Grauer.

Our son grumbled this wasn’t one he’d want to rewatch, and I can see why, but the eerie tone and off-kilter pace work very well for me at least. I enjoyed this one because it has a strange and slow feeling, without the frantic danger that typifies the show. And we were able to draw a curious parallel from the frozen intruder carrying a lethal virus without showing any symptoms to what we’ve been dealing with in the last year with the pandemic. The story ends with way more questions than it answers, and sets up the next couple of episodes so they could film them with some of the cast on Earth and others on a different planet.


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