Stargate SG-1 6.3 – Descent

Another in a long line of Stargate stories where they have a big problem with some technology refusing to cooperate and a situation that just gets worse and worse. There’s lots to like about this one, apart from the bright, helpfully see-through ocean water, which is hardly a problem exclusive to this series, but the most interesting facet is Jonas completely freezing and blowing his first firefight. It’s a very good thing Jack was on another ship and didn’t see that. The character’s drive to do better in his next trial by fire ends up saving the day, which is admittedly kind of obvious, but it’s done quite well.

I was impressed that our son did some critical thinking about the situation. This time, the tech that’s about to go all kinds of wrong is an alien mothership parked at the farthest edge of Earth’s orbit, with no shields or engine power and no life signs aboard. I suggested that my first thought, as they gingerly approach it to see what’s up and what might be salvaged, was that it could well be full of Replicators. But our son said that wasn’t likely: their scan shows the hyperdrive engines are intact, and the Replicators would have either taken that apart or upgraded it immediately. That’s true! The kid got ahead of me, which is awesome.

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