Xena: Warrior Princess 4.9 – Past Imperfect

This morning’s episode was pretty strange from a production standpoint. It introduces Catherine Boniface, who we saw playing a different character in a season three story, as Satrina, a face from Xena’s past who has reinvented herself as a master villain. She is totally set up as a new recurring menace – probably filling the hole in the show left by Callisto – and even makes a traditional teevee bad guy getaway, but she’s never seen again after this. I guess the producers decided that she didn’t work and decided against using her again.

Using a face from the past means they go back to the flashbacks again. I swear I didn’t intend for this to happen, but by skipping around the way we have, it’s almost looked like Xena’s old boyfriend, the warlord Borias, has been about as important a recurring player as Ares or Caesar. Our son said he really enjoyed this episode’s fight scenes, but the flashbacks confused him. I can’t imagine it was really as confusing as he made out; he was probably just not paying close attention.


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