Worzel Gummidge 5.2 – The Sleeping Beauty

I like the Zoo Neeland Crowman. I don’t think that he quite knows what he’s gotten into, taking charge of Worzel, but he’s a quiet, intelligent fellow who’s written books on the subject of scarecrows throughout the world, and has some pretty radical theories about the Easter Island statues. Bizarrely, we learned just yesterday morning that at least one of those statues has been capable of speech for quite some time. I think a trip to Easter Island and some giant animatronic stone heads might have been a bit outside this program’s budget, but it’s amusing to consider!

This episode introduces two titchy hooman children, as expected, although Worzel still hasn’t learned to count and thinks there’s three of them. This story, interestingly, sees both Aunt Sally and Worzel getting a comeuppance in the end. Sally isn’t even remotely as evil as she usually is this week, so we’ll just call tonight’s punishment an overdue settling of old accounts.

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