Doctor Who 7.5 – The Angels Take Manhattan

I get why people like “The Angels Take Manhattan” a whole lot. If you favor the big, sweeping, emotional heartbreakers, then this should do it for you, and it looks like a trillion bucks. Like “A Town Called Mercy”, it’s so beautifully photographed that I don’t mind watching most of it. And I’m sure that Karen Gillan enjoyed having a big, bombastic, memorable finale, and everybody acted the hell out of it. And I do love it when River Song sneers “Just wait until my husband gets home.” Otherwise, my questions about the time distortions around 1938 sort of overwhelm my ability to just sit back and enjoy the story, which is my problem, not the story’s.

Last night, we watched a Jason King adventure where the actors were at Elstree Studios while the library footage tried to make it look like they were at Heathrow Airport. I enjoyed pointing out something similar in tonight’s story, where we can tell that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill all got to go to New York City to film, but Alex Kingston didn’t. There’s a great little moment as they arrive at the Winter Quay apartment building trap where it’s really obvious, and I enjoyed going back to point it out to our son.

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