Stargate SG-1 5.19 – Menace

The previous episode had been filmed almost entirely on location with dozens of costumed extras, many of whom I suspect were probably students at a martial arts academy in Vancouver, and lots of speaking parts. This one’s all in studio with one guest star and a handful of single-line parts among the base personnel. It’s not in any way deficient. SG-1 finds a humanoid robot alone and inactive on a dead planet. In a bitter little throwback to the end of season three, they bring the robot home before they realize the danger: this robot is the creator of the Replicators, and before long, the base is overrun by Erector-set bugs.

Our son thought this one was very intense, although he wasn’t overly frightened or worried. He said that he had no idea how this one was going to wrap up. Probably with the most intensely detailed sweep that base has ever had, followed by a dozen more to make sure not a single Lego brick from a blasted-apart Replicator bug got wedged between a fire extinguisher and the wall behind it. I think it’s a fine story because, unusually, Jack O’Neill is shown to be consistently correct from start to finish. He doesn’t make any stupid or silly suggestions. Even though he’s a little sarcastic – because he’s Jack – every time the others don’t listen to him, the situation gets worse. Even turning the deactivated robot over to their allies the Asgard after the events of this story will turn out to be a mistake.

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