Stargate SG-1 5.5 – Red Sky

This one has a very interesting premise. The Stargate network has built-in safeguards which prevent travelers from getting to certain destinations from specific planets. Our heroes bypass one of those safeguards and learn why: if you build a wormhole from Earth to K’Tau, then the wormhole passes through K’Tau’s sun, setting up a terrible reaction. So our friends from Earth have doomed a planet and its people, and can’t convince them to either accept help or relocate.

I like the premise, but the execution is a complete mess, with only two speaking parts among the superstitious people, and O’Neill acting like an exasperated blowhard instead of trying to calmly look for an answer to the problem. Toward the end, as if he wasn’t already insufferable, he ends up ranting in the town square like the village idiot. Yanking the naturally downbeat ending away in favor of a literally last-minute fix doesn’t help the hour any.


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