Farscape 2.6 – Picture If You Will

Thank heaven for this. The last three episodes of Farscape we watched went over like lead balloons with our kid, but this one’s terrific. I probably enjoyed it more than any other installment so far, in fact. It’s a follow-up to “That Old Black Magic” in season one and is about an indestructible painting that shows you your future before it eats you. It reminded me of Sapphire and Steel and Jumanji. I also really loved a bit where Zhaan gives Aeryn a very surprising command and Aeryn doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t pause, doesn’t flinch, just straight up does it. Of course, the kid was happy because it was a more easily-defined story with good guys and a clear threat, without this show’s frequent sense of pain or suffering. Nothing visceral, just a creepy and inventive episode with several entertaining surprises.

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