Farscape 2.5 – The Way We Weren’t

I asked our son “Is that three in a row?” He just growled and sighed, “three in a row.” He’s really not enjoying this run of episodes, and as we commiserated and reminded him that the Farscape universe really is a tough, mean universe, he said that the only place in the Farscape universe he’d ever like to be is Earth. Marie reminded him that the beach planet seemed like a nice place, far away from Peacekeepers, but he wasn’t sold.

This episode is a partial flashback to Aeryn’s days as a Peacekeeper, and everybody coming to terms with atrocities that she committed while she was one. I think Teal’c in Stargate probably racked up a bigger body count when he was a baddie, but his friends on Earth didn’t spend the many years imprisoned and tortured that more than half this cast did. So there’s a lot of angst and forgiveness and of course the kid didn’t like it much. Aeryn and John spend the last several seconds of the episode just looking at each other silently and my heart just about melted, but the kid’s certainly didn’t.

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