Worzel Gummidge 4.4 – Worzel in Revolt

This was so funny our sides hurt from laughing. The Crowman decides that the way to get Worzel to stop doing whatever Aunt Sally tells him is to create a disobedient head. Unfortunately for him, it works rather better than he thought, and along the way we get some downright amazing, hilarious insults as Jon Pertwee responds to whatever she asks him by chewing her out. At one point, he threatens to take a steam roller to her, leading our son to roar at the thought of “Flat Sally.”

The other thing he really liked was what he called “an episode inside the episode.” The story is set in motion by something that happened offscreen: apparently Worzel and Sally destroyed a village tea party for the local bishop by starting a foot fight after destroying some nice French windows. I loved that they let us imagine this catastrophe; the kid’s trying to decide which of them he likes better for throwing the first cake.

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