Farscape 2.2 – Vitas Mortis

And now back to March 2000 as we resume the second season of Farscape. I’m not going in quite as blind as I was before; it was clear that I enjoy this show more than everybody else already, but even I’m not in a hurry to run into any more squicky, gross, body horror episodes like we saw in the previous season’s “DNA Mad Scientist”, so I’ve cut episode seven from this run as I’m reading ahead.

Also, my good pal and reg’lar reader Matt cautioned me there’s a kid-unfriendly sex scene at some point. Found it in episode eleven and it is a bit much; the boy’s eyes’ll be covered for that, thanks.

But despite a few fun moments with Chiana getting her legs caught in frozen washing fluid and Rygel getting his rear jammed in a hull breach, our son didn’t enjoy this story at all. He went on to explain that despite some comedy and explosions, the tone of the show really bothers him. It’s not that it’s dark, it’s that our heroes keep losing. Every time they think they’ve found something good – D’Argo thinks he’s found a new lover, the first of his species that he has even seen in many years – they not only lose that, but they lose something else as well. I think it’s just splendid, but I certainly understand his point. I’ll have to bear that in mind as we go on, and possibly make some adjustments if necessary.

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