Worzel Gummidge 4.2 – The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg

Many of Worzel’s problems come from him being selfish and bad-tempered, and those are usually very funny. Once in a while, we see that his naivete in the face of Aunt Sally’s awfulness leaves him hurt. There are a couple of episodes that end with our hero in tears, which is strangely sad, because we know he’s just too fixated to quit Aunt Sally.

This one’s painful for a slightly different reason: Dolly Clothes-Peg, the lovely Cockney shop-window dummy who we met last season, may be just as dopey as the rest of this world’s animated creations, but she’s sweet and kind and incredibly generous, and everything that Aunt Sally isn’t. Dolly, played again by Lorraine Chase, is so good-natured that she is even welcoming and friendly to Aunt Sally, who treated her with contempt last time. Funny how it’s the city girl who’s the sweetheart in this otherwise rural program.

Tragically, it’s Dolly who ends this episode in tears, because Worzel is just too stupid to see that Dolly Clothes-Peg offers him a much brighter and happier future than he could ever have otherwise. I’m sure it ended just fine the way it did, but I’d like to think that those titchy human kids ran after Dolly to apologize for Worzel being so downright stupid. I bet they said that they wished Worzel would marry somebody as sweet as her and not that horrible Aunt Sally, and Dolly would thank them for their kindness, because unlike some of the characters around these parts, she has good manners.

I’m not sure what more you could do with Dolly after an ending like this, but this was the character’s last appearance. It’s kind of a shame, but last time I suggested that Dolly is too sweet to be part of a love triangle with these two. Honestly, it’s not that she’s a Clothes-Peg, she’s too much of a square peg to fit in a world as mean as the one they build and knock down around themselves.

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