Doctor Who 6.x – Space and Time

A couple of months before series six of Doctor Who began in 2011, the lead actors got together for two mini-episodes, about three minutes each, made for the annual Comic Relief telethon. It’s a lesson in why you shouldn’t get distracted with an argument, even a playful one, while doing repairs in a dimensionally transcendental machine. You’ll mess something up and make the TARDIS materialize inside itself. Then versions of yourselves start stepping inside.

There probably wouldn’t have been enough here to warrant the time it took to put the DVD in for a screengrab, but fortunately it served as a funny example of our son gradually figuring out more of grownup stuff. The distracting argument is Rory pointing out that Amy passed her driving test by wearing a short skirt. “Why should wearing a skirt matter,” he asked, baffled. Ah, youth. One day he might read this post and be slightly mortified.

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