The Sarah Jane Adventures 4.7-8 – The Empty Planet (parts one and two)

“The Empty Planet” reminds me of a very good episode of The New Avengers called “Sleeper”, especially in the way it amazes me how they filmed it and made sure all the streets were clear of people and cars. There’s even a repeat of the gag in “Sleeper” where Purdey avoids some bad guys by pretending to be a mannequin, only here it’s Clyde avoiding a big robot.

Our son enjoyed it very much. It’s a great mystery story where Rani and Clyde have to work out where everybody else on the planet has gone except for them and a thirteen year-old kid called Gavin. I also liked how the writer, Gareth Roberts, tossed in a couple of Smiths references with a “son and heir” and some bloody awful poetry. Must’ve been listening to The Queen is Dead a lot that year.


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