Stargate SG-1 4.13 – The Curse

Jack and Teal’c are barely in this episode, but they get the best part: fishing in Minnesota, miles from the action.

Meanwhile, in Illinois and in Egypt, everybody else is investigating some mysterious deaths that have started when some artefacts, unearthed in the 1930s but not seen since the freighter carrying them to the US sank off the coast of New Jersey, get dredged up and shipped to Daniel’s old archaeology professor. For most of the hour, this is an interesting tale of old academic rivalries and petty jealousies with a strangely high body count. The artefacts, naturally, include two aliens in cryosleep. They were imprisoned by one of their enemies thousands of years before, and one of them died in stasis. The other one, Osiris, ends up taking over the body of one of Daniel’s former colleagues, Sarah, played by Anna-Louise Plowman.

Honestly, it’s a good story until the reveal shows that Osiris is yet another one-note “god,” evil for evil’s sake, talking the same line as everybody else in his pantheon. He gets away in the end, not needing a Stargate since he parked his ride in the desert outside the tomb. The kid responded to this by growling and grumbling. “Great,” he moaned, “like we need another villain!” I know we’ve got a couple that are considerably more interesting showing up eventually, and we’ll be losing a couple before the end of the month. Osiris won’t be back for a surprisingly long time. I just checked and he vanishes for an entire year, which is really odd because this episode is staged like we’re going to have a repeat scrap really soon.

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