Farscape 2.1 – Mind the Baby

Well, that was just tremendously entertaining and fun. I really like how this story ends with very little resolved in our heroes’ favor, and more problems than they started with. Scorpius has taken over the role of the ruthless lieutenant obsessed with Crichton’s capture, and Crais is now a wild card, flying around in the newborn Leviathan ship. There are so many great moments and character beats throughout. I enjoyed it hugely, and our son went on some endless rant about how this five-parter totally blew his mind and made him feel like… I dunno, he started yammering about infinite armor and explosions, and I quit listening, but I’m pretty sure he liked it.

Overall, this has been a pretty solid success with me so far. There were admittedly some really weak episodes in season one, but I like the characters a lot and the more intricate storytelling of this longer story that introduced Scorpius shows what they could do when they got away from the Trek-lite approach of telling one-and-done stories about this strange planet or that with basic adventure TV plotting. I frequently didn’t know where this was going, and while it didn’t honestly surprise me a huge amount, I can bet that it well in the future.

That’s all from Farscape for now. We’ll put it back on the shelf to keep things fresh and resume season two in late November. Stay tuned!

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