Farscape 1.22 – Family Ties

As I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, we’ve been talking about multi-part stories up front instead of surprising our son with cliffhangers. What seems to be part four of five – and the finale of the first season – ends with a completely splendid one. Our heroes are backed into a corner, and Scorpius is closing in, and they’ve risked everything on their one way out, and it all falls apart on them. It’s wonderful! I’d have loved/hated having to wait three months for the next episode. The kid’ll just have to wait six hours; he can stand it.

Probably because this was made before they knew for sure they were coming back for a second year, just about everybody who might be dying on this possibly-suicide mission gets a farewell scene with another character. I loved the way it acts like it’s building up to John and Aeryn sharing a big final moment, only to have them briefly say “I wasn’t going to say goodbye.” “Neither was I.” Aw, my heart melted. Hope it ends brilliantly.

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