Farscape 1.21 – Bone to Be Wild

Early on in this episode, D’Argo, suffering from massive allergies to some alien plant life, says “Let me explain to you what is going on inside my nose right now,” and it’s all downhill from there, but that is an amazingly good line and the dropoff isn’t too steep. It’s one of those beauty and the beast stories where it’s the beauty that’s the problem, but then there’s a big twist, and then another one, and it all gets nice and delicious. Marie suggested it’s like one of those ETA stories on Reddit: everyone’s the asshole.

This seems to be effectively part three of five, a one-off between two-parters that has more machinations between Scorpius and Crais going on while they’re meant to be working together to find the fugitives. As part of our resolution to keep the cliffhangers from driving our son to distraction – see what happened with us on Doctor Who two nights ago – I suggested that I could let the kid know up front if we’re in a multi-part story, assuming I know. Then I spent the last half of the episode worried that it would end on a cliffhanger after all – it didn’t – which took me out of the experience, instead of him!

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