Doctor Who 5.13 – The Big Bang

The most important thing is that our son recovered very well from last night’s meltdown, and he had as fine a day as a kid can have in lockdown when he’s meant to be on fall break and playing and his parents have to work. And he completely loved tonight’s puzzle box of a story, which arguably features Steven Moffat’s absolute finest use of what he calls timey-wimey storytelling, even resolving – as some people guessed (though not me) when it was shown ten years ago – the strange reappearance of the Doctor’s jacket from episode five.

Overall, our son laughed and wowed all through it, particularly adoring the Doctor’s fez and his idiot dancing, and told us in the end that it had blown his mind all the way to Norway. Norway’s been on his mind lately, since Slartibartfast started telling us about its fjords in Hitchhiker’s Guide. Me, I adore it, and just wish we could have spent some more time in Amelia’s starless world. I wanted to read the museum exhibits! I also need to get myself one of those Stone Dalek toys. For myself, not for the kid to pilfer and join his mob of toys.

We’ll start watching series six of Doctor Who in early November, but we’ve got a few related things to check out first. Stay tuned!

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