Farscape 1.19 – Nerve

Funny how our kid never objects at all to two-parters if he’s enjoying the adventure, as he did with the Silurian story on Doctor Who that we watched at the beginning of this week, but if he doesn’t like it, I think it’s the promise that there’s more unhappiness to come that rankles the most. Poor Crichton spends about half of this episode strapped to a mind-probe flashback chair, the prisoner of the sadistic villain Scorpius, played by Wayne Pygram. I didn’t think he showed up until the next year. Glad to see him; regular readers know that I do love a good villain, and Scorpius impressed me hugely when I first looked at this series many years ago.

The story this week is that Crichton and Chiana sneak into a Peacekeeper base to get some medical supplies for the ship. They’re helped by Gilina, Crichton’s one-shot space girlfriend from “PK Tech Girl”, but Scorpius immediately spots Crichton as an imposter somehow. The installment ends with Chiana back safely and the medical supplies delivered – Aeryn had been badly injured in the previous episode – but Crichton’s still a prisoner and Scorpius has even called in the Lt. Gerard character, Crais, just to make everything worse. Our son was so aggravated that he kicked the sofa with a scowl. Then we learned our favorite hot dog place has cut its Saturday hours. How rotten! Hopefully he’ll enjoy some brisket for lunch instead and part two will be an improvement…


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