Doctor Who 5.7 – Amy’s Choice

I’ve always enjoyed this fun little rollercoaster that pops between two realities, challenging our heroes to determine which is the dream and which isn’t. It’s the only Who story written by Simon Nye, and since I tend to enjoy stories that play against narrative expectations, it’s like he wrote it with me in mind. They even cast a great guest star, Toby Jones, as the mysterious Dream Lord messing with our heroes.

The kid didn’t like it, unfortunately. At first, he was grumbling about the very loud birdsong that heralded a switch between realities, but the whole thing fell flat with him. He’s such a literal kid that he probably would have preferred two separate adventures, one about the TARDIS caught in the gravity of a freezing “cold star,” and another set in the characters’ future with creepy aliens hiding out inside old folks. The important core of the story – that Amy needs to make up her mind whether she’s really in love with Rory – wasn’t important to him. That way lies smooching.

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