Doctor Who 5.5 – Flesh and Stone

It’s been a busy day around our sofa. My copy of “Fury from the Deep” arrived – we’ll start watching it a few days after finishing this series – and I sent a big motivational rah-rah message to my discouraged team that my boss really appreciated, and our son got in trouble at school. Big trouble. From distance learning virtual school. So the kid spent about four extra hours playing catch-up and he’s still not finished, and we sat down to watch part two of this adventure in what isn’t the happiest mood in teeveeland.

Happily, as is his custom, he enjoyed the second half of the story far more than the creepy first half, although he allowed that he watched some scenes with his eyes closed. However, even though I told him as clearly as I could to carefully watch the critical scene where the Doctor comes back to reassure Amy and strangely has his tweed jacket again, he did not notice the jacket.

I enjoyed this even more this time around, and I’ve always liked it. It’s a very good story, and it has lots of fun surprises. The kid’s favorite bit was seeing the Angels tumble away into the time-eating crack. Actually, I really liked seeing the Angels move. That was a neat little surprise.

Good grief! 2200 posts! Time flies!

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