Stargate SG-1 4.6 – Window of Opportunity

The last several posts at our blog have been a little grumbly as we’ve watched episodes that some of us, usually the dope writing this, didn’t enjoy much. Thank heaven “Window of Opportunity” got here. It’s among everybody’s favorite episodes of SG-1 for a reason, and in fact there’s only one I like more. It’s a time loop story, and brilliantly, the producers and writers decided that Daniel and Sam, the resident brains, wouldn’t be the ones to think them out of it. Only Jack and Teal’c have any memory that time is repeating every ten hours, so only they can motivate the situation to get out of the mess.

Of course the kid adored it. He laughed like a hyena as, after dozens of loops, Jack and Teal’c decide to take some time off and have some consequence-free fun before they go stir crazy stuck in the base in a ten-hour cycle forever. Full credit to everybody involved: it’s a completely hilarious story that Richard Dean Anderson and Christopher Judge carry with perfectly-timed slow burn comedy and a surprising, heartfelt resolution, and I love it completely.


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