Stargate SG-1 4.5 – Divide and Conquer

Hmmm. Another hole in my memory. Last month, we ran into a third season episode of SG-1 called “A Hundred Days” and I swear I didn’t remember a frame of it. That’s happened again. It’s not just Vanessa Angel’s character of Freya that I had completely forgotten; this entire hour felt brand-new to me. And let’s be clear and let’s be honest: a costume like that and a viewer like me, that’s not the sort of thing I’m prone to forgetting.

And it’s not that the episode’s at all bad, either. It’s about our heroes and their allies trying to get to the bottom of an alien scheme to brainwash people and turn them into Manchurian Candidates for assassinations, and addresses the increasing romantic feelings that Jack and Samantha have for each other but can’t do anything about, what with them being a colonel and a captain in the same unit. They got really close to admitting it on their last action against the Goa’uld, and now the situation forces them to quietly admit it in front of witnesses. How’d I forget this?

But here’s the really weird part: J.R. Bourne’s recurring character, Martouf, gets killed. Because with Stargate, I’m reading a little ahead to see what’s coming and remind myself of these old installments, this was a big surprise. It’s not as though, having been reintroduced to Martouf last month, I’ve lost any time or sleep trying to recall his fate or his character arc, but I was still surprised to read this happening. I remember some of these recurring characters’ dramatic exits very, very well – the gut-punch that Stargate Atlantis pulled toward the end of season three most of all – but poor Martouf going down like Sonny at the tollbooth was all new to me.

Marie admitted that she didn’t recall it at all either. She didn’t enjoy it, but she says that she must have seen it twice – once to decide she didn’t like it and once when she showed to me and my older kids. But maybe she didn’t. Maybe she just discreetly skipped it in our last run so we could get to the genius of episode six.

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