Stargate SG-1 4.4 – Crossroads

This is as lousy as Stargate gets, honestly. Musetta Vander guest stars as an old flame of Teal’c’s with some intel for the humans and their allies. It’s most notable for introducing Peter Wingfield as a new recurring villain, Tanith, but he plays him so incredibly wrongly this time out. Go back to what I was saying two episodes ago about the character within the narrative not necessarily being a good actor. Tanith is full of crap and instantly obviously lying through his teeth, but nobody within the narrative picks up on it. His betrayal could have been much more interesting if we’d have believed him; instead it is boringly obvious and inevitable. Jack’s even angrier at his allies – who, in fairness, really are a bunch of jerks – than the guy who’s clearly about to do the heel turn.

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