Farscape 1.8 – That Old Black Magic

I didn’t realize – I should’ve, but I didn’t – that Captain Crais, who we met in the first episode, is pretty much going to be Lt. Gerard in this show. This episode is basically “Arena,” which makes me think that maybe I should’ve pulled that one into rotation when we watched some Star Trek to introduce the kid, what with so many sci-fi teevee shows doing their own take on it.

In this version, a sorcerer called Maldis kidnaps John and Crais and doesn’t have to actually force them to fight, because Crais is an unreasonable, vengeance-fueled idiot and won’t listen to John’s apologies. John correctly susses that Maldis is like a vampire and feeds on their violent energy, but he’s got a motive beyond that as well. There’s some nice character stuff for Zhaan outside of the hide-and-seek in Maldis’s castle, but otherwise I wasn’t really interested in this one.

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