The Ghosts of Motley Hall 3.1 – Family Tree

And now back to 1978 and the two most impatient ghost hunters I’ve ever seen. An American couple, looking for missing facts from their family tree, come to Motley Hall and the wife, who’s all California and macrobiotic sandwiches, hopes to contact Sir George. She has questions about the fellow with whom his youngest sister eloped. I realize that things need to move quickly in a short sitcom, but you know how when people break out the ouija board, they know that they’re going to be waiting for a while? She gives it about four seconds. She’s probably secretly tired of her incredibly disinterested husband being sarcastic and bored, but doesn’t want to lose face. What a pair.

Our kid loved the ouija board scene, just like he does any situation where the living can’t speak with the ghosts but the ghosts go on answering them anyway, usually rudely. Fanny at least gets the hint and uses the board to tell them that Sir George is N-O-T-H-E-R-E, and these dimwits are about ready to pack up and try another room. Lady, you’re talking to a ghost. You can look for the “right” one later!

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