Farscape 1.5 – Back and Back and Back to the Future

I really, really enjoyed this terrific and twisty episode. They pick up two refugees in this story, and the female alien immediately gets under both D’Argo and John’s skins. That’s because in D’Argo’s case, she’s from a related species and it has been at least eight years since he’s been able to smooch anybody compatible, and in John’s case, because he was exposed to something on their shuttle which is causing him to have incredibly vivid premonitions of events in the next twelve hours, and that includes both smooching the female and getting murdered by her. The male alien – they are called Ilanics – seems to end up with a knife in his back no matter which way the story unfolds.

This is told in an extremely neat way. At first, these visions are clearly telegraphed to the audience, through sound and special effects, as something only John is experiencing. After the first couple, they become simply the narrative itself, a storyline that goes bad, ending up with corpses, but suddenly resets as John tries to make sense of what he’s seen and change what he has just experienced from happening. As you might expect, this was a very confusing experience for our very literal son. He agreed that it was terrific, but it did require a mid-show pause to get him caught up.

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