Farscape 1.2 – I, E.T.

Sometimes, our son is so remarkably literal that we call him “Baby Drax”, which he doesn’t entirely appreciate. A good example tonight: the living ship touches down on a planet that has not had contact with other worlds before. Technologically, the locals are about where we are today, and Crichton compares the Australian bog where they filmed this to Louisiana. They need a fairly common mineral to “numb” part of the ship where they are working, and Crichton finds that it’s used as a cooking ingredient by a semi-pro astronomer who lives with her nine year-old in a small cottage in the woods.

After the episode, which I thought was very good, Marie asks whether he would be as brave as the nine year-old in the show if an alien came to hide out in our house and ask for salt. But Crichton wasn’t looking for salt; he was looking for what the people of the busy sector of space call clorium and the locals call onlux. That’s not salt. He was so hung up that he didn’t understand what we were asking. Other than us confusing him, he says that he really did like it. D’Argo seems to be his favorite character so far; he likes the fact that he’s got a long tongue and can sting people with it.

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