Department S 1.16 – Dead Men Die Twice

And now back to 1969 and more cases from the files of Department S. Tonight’s head-scratcher is from the pen of Philip Broadley, who asks why two men have entered a morgue and pumped two slugs into the corpse of a fellow who died the night before from a heart attack. Curiously, the dead man is a dead ringer for a crime lord who himself died three years previously. Except unfortunately the producers cast a recognizable face in the role and showed us his photograph. It’s actor Kieron Moore, who usually didn’t appear in no-lines parts that an unbilled extra could have played.

It’s a problem we’ve run across a few times with British television from the period – the Avengers installment “The Living Dead” comes to mind – and so the question isn’t really going to be “Is the crime lord really dead,” it’s “how is Annabelle going to get out of this mess?” This is, pleasantly, a good showcase for the character, and I enjoyed the scene where she rattled one of the crime lord’s former rivals, played by David Bauer.

The kid didn’t enjoy it all that much, unfortunately. Maybe it was a more twisty mystery than he prefers, and maybe Annabelle stays in trouble for longer than he found comfortable. I have to agree it’s not a particularly strong adventure, but it has a few good moments.

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