Stargate SG-1 3.17 – A Hundred Days

How strange. I swear I didn’t recognize even a frame of this story, but we can’t imagine why we would have skipped it when we watched the series last time around. I didn’t enjoy it very much, although I do like the realities of this rescue mission taking more than three months, and the honesty shown to the great distances of space. Without a Stargate, even our heroes’ allies with interstellar travel can’t get to this planet until “early next year.” I didn’t mind Jack’s space girlfriend until she decided to throw out all his old clothes because he won’t need them anymore, and I really hated her when she didn’t immediately tell Jack that his radio had crackled into life again. The kid didn’t appreciate the lack of action and was restless and bored. Still, I’m sure Richard Dean Anderson appreciated getting to do something a little different.


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