Worzel Gummidge 3.5 – Worzel’s Wager

Another episode without too much chaos, it’s just a gentle weekend in the countryside built around the Sunday dog race in a local field. The Crowman has warned Worzel not to gamble – gambling has been the downfall of many a’scarecrow – but he also makes the mistake of tasking Worzel with watching his dog, Ratter, while he goes to mend a scarecrow at a nearby farm that has too many cats for his liking.

Interestingly, what happens next is not 100% Worzel’s fault, as it often is. Ratter hears the distant hubbub and gets loose to check it out. Sure, entering a Jack Russell in a race against five whippets is entirely our hero’s fault, but they wouldn’t have been there at all if not for the dog. Worzel turns down 100-1 odds on Ratter, because he can’t count as high as a hundred, so he takes 5-1 odds instead, provided the payout is in five individual notes, well used and crinkled up, because he needs five notes and has trouble crinkling them with his twig fingers. Our kid certainly enjoyed it because there are lots of dogs, even if the gambling element was a little over his head.

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