Stargate SG-1 3.16 – Urgo

Peter DeLuise directed more than fifty episodes of the Stargate franchise. When he got this script, he rang up his old man, the beloved comedian and character actor Dom DeLuise, and said “Dad, I’ve got a part that’s absolutely perfect for you.” He plays an imaginary friend, basically. A very secretive, and technologically far advanced, man implants this character, Urgo, in the brains of anybody who visits his world, and Urgo is supposed to just silently collect information about other planets and societies. But Urgo is bored and humans are fun, and he really, really doesn’t want to be deactivated.

Marie correctly guessed that our son would completely love this one. He chuckled and laughed all through the thing and all the actors just get out of Dom DeLuise’s way and let him be annoying and silly and talk about how much fun they could be having if they’d just leave this tedious base. The episode is packed with great, great gags, but the most beautiful one comes when Urgo casually reveals that Jack has a celebrity crush on the actress Mary Steenburgen.

And you have to hand it to everybody involved; there’s a small part of me who thinks that Urgo would have been a great role for Rik Mayall, and not just because he had previously played an amazingly annoying imaginary friend in Drop Dead Fred. But DeLuise perfectly balances the aggravating character with just enough endearment and so you know even Jack would end up missing the old fellow every once in a while, when he’s enjoying a nice slice of pie.

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