Stargate SG-1 3.14 – Foothold

I suspect that “Foothold” was hardly planned as a tip of the hat to the “trust no one” world of The X Files, but I like that show and so I’ll choose to read it that way. This time, Carter learns that there is an alien infiltration in the Cheyenne Mountain facility, so she calls in the team’s nemesis, Colonel Maybourne of the NID, to help investigate.

Bizarrely, Maybourne doesn’t follow procedure when informed of a possible foothold situation. That might be because, try as they might, the writers couldn’t come up with a way for Carter and Maybourne to have their suspicions confirmed before returning to Colorado, or it might possibly be because Maybourne is, at his core, an idiot. Nevertheless, that’s about the only real flaw in this otherwise superb and tense story. I enjoy this one a lot.

Strangely, the aliens’ tech is seen again a few years down the road, but the aliens themselves are not. This is the first time we run into another aggressive species who really could pose a threat to the Goa’uld. The aliens mention that the Goa’uld are the dominant species in our galaxy. So did these guys travel to our galaxy via ship and learned about the Stargate network from their bridgehead planet? The producers went to the expense of building five or six alien costumes – they’re bipeds with brown and crimson exoskeletons – so I’m surprised they never returned. But that’s okay; the Goa’uld will get a proper threat to their pecking order pretty soon.

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