The Sarah Jane Adventures 2.5-6 – Secrets of the Stars (parts one and two)

Uh-oh. Our son offered some troubling proof that he’s going to be struggling against an anti-fun gene as he gets older. Tonight’s story posits that there was a universe before our own, with its own laws of reality that contradict what we call “physics.” Half-remembered by civilizations across the cosmos as “astrology,” this power from some old time doesn’t actually have any real influence on us, but the entities from that old time can use it, and, millions of years ago, set in motion a plan to re-enter the reality that would replace theirs. And our son called hogwash on it. He is perfectly prepared to accept, say, Daleks stealing planets and sticking them in a great big engine, but he drew the line at some other universe’s physics having any influence or power over our own physics.

So between the episodes, we had a chat about how there’s quite a lot of science fiction that deals with forces or powers or gods from the Old Time, and that he’s going to experience a heck of a lot of it if he continues watching or reading in the genre. Even if I’ve never read a word of Lovecraft, I know what Cthulu and Nyarlathotep are, on account of how Lovecraft was such an unavoidable influence. I also pointed out that this episode’s writer, Gareth Roberts, had penned a Doctor Who story in series three, “The Shakespeare Code,” and it also dealt with some very old entities messing with what we think are the laws of physics. Still, this really wasn’t one of his favorites, and he was ready to scram and rebuild an International Rescue pod he’d made with Lego just as soon as our heroes saved the day.

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