Doctor Who 4.13 – Journey’s End

As I’ve said before, Donna is my all-time favorite Who companion. And as I mentioned last time, I have always avoided spoilers, but of course I knew that Catherine Tate would only be in the show for just one series. They were heavy with the hints that Donna would die, and I never believed them, and what Russell T. Davies came up with was a lot worse. I’ve watched this scene in the TARDIS more times than any other scene in the modern version of the show. It’s a flawless, heartbreaking masterpiece. It’s the saddest thing ever. There are times, late at night, that I just want to listen to sad songs. Once in a while I pull out this episode for the same effect.

Not many people seem to know this, but Donna gets a completely brilliant little epilogue in a one-off comic called “The Time of My Life.” It’s collected in Panini’s The Widow’s Curse book. Every page of that edition’s a treat, and “The Time of My Life” is a delightful and sweet little surprise.

Anyway, the bigger picture is that “Journey’s End” is triumphantly over the top and ridiculous and I don’t think it stands up to very much scrutiny, but this two-parter is one of the most fun rollercoasters the show has ever come up with. Everybody comes back for a team-up – if you don’t know, you can look them up – it moves at a thousand miles an hour, and billions of Daleks explode. Every new plot revelation hit our son like a truck and he could hardly contain himself either last night or tonight. He loved it all tremendously. It’s a great payoff for audiences, full of smiles and hugs and triumphs for everybody, with an ending that just plain destroys me. Who could ask for anything more?

We’ll return to Doctor Who in late July. Stay tuned!

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