Department S 1.10 – The Double Death of Charlie Crippen

A minor moment of personal disappointment this time: the beautiful Veronica Carlson shows up to see Jason, but she has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. George Pravda also shows up for a single scene as a red herring in this incredibly interesting mystery. Edward de Souza has a meatier part. He plays an old friend of Annabelle’s who finally gives them a lead in this convoluted case when he gets a thorough beating from some thugs in the employ of an exiled king hanging out in a villa outside Naples.

I quite liked this one, but our son did not enjoy it at all, I’m afraid. This one was so convoluted that he became frustrated, and when we finally do understand that it has something to do with this king in exile, it’s not really pitched down to his age level, so we paused it a couple of times. First we assured him that we – and our heroes – were every bit in the dark as he was, and later we caught him up to the plot. At least it ends with a lot of machine gun fire and cars driving fast. Weirdly, the terrorist gunmen are all packed into a hippie van and the Italian police show up in three Beetles. Did Volkswagen offer ITC a package deal?

I was most interested to see Department S’s boss finally enter the field. Dennis Alaba Peters was a late addition to the cast, and his very short scenes in several of the early episodes were added after the fact. This seems to be the first story that was written to actually include the character of Sir Curtis Seretse in the action. As a high-ranking diplomat attached to Interpol, he can throw some muscle around that the other heroes can’t. Or maybe that’s the wrong word. I don’t expect we’ll see him in many fistfights, you know.

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