Xena: Warrior Princess 2.21 – Lost Mariner

I hadn’t planned to sit down and blog about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I might have to after this. Our son really enjoyed tonight’s episode, which guest stars Tony Todd as a sailor cursed by Athena to immortality and cursed by Posiedon, along with anybody else unfortunate to come aboard, to never leave his ship. Three hundred years later, Xena and Gabrielle end up on board, but nobody’s better than Xena at finding ways to get around the curses of ticked-off gods. Tony Todd’s a reliable, familiar face, and I enjoyed how he played the character as sincere and more sad than angry. The kid was very entertained by all the pirate stuff and tidal waves and whirlpools. He could probably stand to see some more yo-ho-hoing and bottling of rum.

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