Department S 1.5 – Handicap Dead

Another remarkably ordinary crime story by Philip Broadley, and one which commits the cardinal sin of throwing an explanation from out of flippin’ nowhere at the very end. If Simon Templar had been investigating this, I probably wouldn’t be disappointed, but isn’t this program supposed to be about really weird crimes that nobody else can handle?

The family noticed that a lot of people get tied up in wine cellars in these shows. They probably needed to get Joel Fabiani untied and out of there so they could film Mike Pratt on the same set. Things were enlivened slightly when Norman Eshley and Dudley Sutton show up as thugs. I pointed out to our son that Sutton has been a villain in lots of shows we watched. “He was even one of Madame Sin‘s gang.” “Now she really was evil,” he replied.

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