Doctor Who 4.2 – The Fires of Pompeii

Just in case we never get a Twelve-Ten teamup, this’ll do, I guess.

So I like “The Fires of Pompeii” a lot, with the caveat that it does climax with an awful lot of people shouting “Noooooooo” and big bombastic music. But it’s so fun getting there, and I love the doom-laden scenes of the augur and the soothsayer presenting their mutual surprises about knowing a lot more about the Doctor and Donna than they should. It was delightful to see Peter Capaldi in Who; when this was first shown, I knew him from a few parts in the 1990s. The one I liked best was the adaptation of Iain Banks’ The Crow Road. I should probably pick up a new copy of that one of these days.

Karen Gillan’s here as well in a small role, making this unique as the only episode of Who to have both a future Doctor and a future companion in other parts in it. I told the kid that he’d seen Gillan in four movies already, but she was bald and blue. I was glad that he was able to figure it out!

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