Xena: Warrior Princess 2.6 – Warrior… Princess… Tramp

Most adventure teevee shows feel that they have to do the identical doubles episode eventually, but darned if “Warrior… Princess… Tramp” isn’t one of the most entertaining and hilarious ones I’ve ever seen. We skipped the installment from season one that introduces Xena’s doppelganger, the prissy Princess Diana. This one adds a third, a mostly incompetent nobody who gets press-ganged into posing as Xena in a bid to kill Diana’s father. It’s played for laughs and every gag hits the bullseye.

Like all these doubles stories, you have to gloss over the identical dresses and identical Xena costumes and just enjoy the ride, as poor Meg manages to get her sword caught in the ceiling, and even poorer Joxer learns the hard way that one of the women likes to kiss him but certainly not the other two. Best bit: Diana posing as Xena and realizing too late that she has no idea what that round killing thing of Xena’s is called.


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