Ultraseven 1.4 – NS Max, Respond!

I’ll be darned. I literally mentioned Kenji Sahara just yesterday, and here he is in a guest star part in the fourth episode of Ultraseven. I knew he was in a whole mess of monster movies, but it didn’t occur to me that we might see him in more of the Ultra-shows as well.

My son and I are, of course, watching Ultraseven once a week or so. Mill Creek’s releases are just lovely, cleaned up and colorful. No dubs, subtitled only. The cars remind me of the “saloons” from Captain Scarlet and the secret base is basically Tracy Island, with three separate launch areas for the “Hawk” ships. Ultraseven gets to interact with the cast at human size in this episode, which is nice. It’s more interesting seeing our hero beat his way through corridors of aliens on a cruise ship instead of having everything stand or fall on a single giant wrestling scene. I mean, there is one, of course, but I like it when the show gives us a little more than that.

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