The Ghosts of Motley Hall 1.6 – Double Trouble

This episode is back to being nice and silly again. The ghosts decide to hold a seance to contact one of Sir George’s old military buddies, but instead they pick up a nasty doppelganger of Matt. Everybody’s even more short-tempered than usual because it’s storming and Peter Sallis’s character, the real estate agent, hasn’t come by to inspect a leaky ceiling in an upstairs room, and some of them are taking it out on Matt because they’re all envious of his power to leave the building. The evil doppelganger quickly starts setting everyone at each other’s throats. I liked how it opens up a few more questions about the nature of death and the afterlife in this world, but mainly we all liked seeing everybody chasing each other around and yelling about all the slights they’ve heard Evil Matt spreading about them.

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