Batwoman’s Unhappy Update

I’d really been hoping that we’d return Batwoman to our rotation. As readers who were following us last year saw, we’d become sick to the back teeth of the villain Alice. I said that I’d keep an eye on the recaps and see whether some plot developments or characters might pull us back in. They haven’t.

Yesterday, we read that actress Ruby Rose has left the show and the role of Kate Kane will be recast. Since Ruby was the only reason Marie was watching in the first place, I think we’re pretty much done with the series. We wish Ruby the best, as well as the producers. Sometime down the line, when I see that Alice isn’t in the show anymore, I’ll look in again to check out the new actress in the first Alice-free episode to see how they’re doing. I hope that time comes sooner than later.

Image: BatwomanCW on Twitter

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