Worzel Gummidge 2.2 – Worzel’s Nephew

I guess it’s a pretty good thing that we watch an episode of The Bugaloos every couple of weeks. Hmmm, that reminds me, we’re due, aren’t we? Anyway, in each episode, Wayne Laryea introduced the audiences of 1970, and 2020, to Cockney rhyming slang. That put our son one step ahead when we meet Worzel’s utterly horrible nephew from London, where he works as an “urban pigeon scarer.” Pickles Brambles speaks a lot more quickly than the actors who played Bugaloos did, and with a lot more rhymes, so it’s a bit harder for us to catch it all, but I do love it when he accepts Mrs. Braithwaite’s hospitality and requests a pot of Christopher Lee and a slice of Veronica Lake.

But yes, Pickles is horrible, and he doesn’t quite get the comeuppance that he should. In fairness, Worzel doesn’t act like a very good uncle when he treats his nephew like a four year-old instead of a young teenager. Since this was filmed in 1979, you can imagine Pickles listening to Sham 69 and the Banshees and rolling his eyes at these slow squares in the country. He claims he’s taking a holiday, but he’s a troublemaker with a slingshot – and seriously, given a slingshot, who could resist shooting Joan Sims in the rear? – and he probably ran from London after breaking too many windows. Even the Crowman is less than impressed with this creation. There’s some great slapstick, and our kid laughed a lot, but I’m very glad the little creep wasn’t used much more after this appearance.

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