Stargate SG-1 2.12 – The Tok’ra (part two)

Last time, I mentioned that the big solution – letting Carter’s dying father become the host to the dying alien – completely eluded me when I first watched this story. Our kid figured it out before the credits tonight. You can take this as evidence that our kid may be really clever, or you can take this as evidence that I’m behind most everybody else.

I think it’s a pretty disappointing production, and not just because other viewers are more insightful than I am. I think Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks are completely sidelined for far too long, and Richard Dean Anderson is abnormally crabby, and I kind of wish the other three fellows in SG-3 had been given lines or names. And as much as I enjoy Carmen Argenziano in the role of Sam’s father, the way he keeps forgetting new words and phrases that he’s been provided, like a doddering old chump instead of a very intelligent Air Force general, undermined what could have been a much stronger scene as he learns what his new life as a Tok’ra might be like. I didn’t even like that the older actors didn’t get to lock lips, so that a special effect could be drawn between them.

On the other hand, the “big picture” side of me did find something that I liked. I’m kind of torn about how we’re not told which of the evil System Lords launches the attack on the rebel base. Part of me wants to know which of the villains – remember, we’ve only met three active ones at this point – was behind it, and part of me kind of enjoys how it feels like we don’t need to know. I think that we’re told later on, when we start meeting lots of the bad guys, but I don’t really remember. As for now, the series, very sensibly, isn’t firmly answering with exact numbers as to how many there are, and it really doesn’t matter. The Tok’ra have pissed off everybody.

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