Robot Detective 1.2 – Zero Witnesses

The miniature work in Robot Detective is woeful, but otherwise our son and I enjoyed the heck out of this. He likes Daitetsujin 17 considerably more, it must be said, but this series still has a nice amount of crazy suit fighting and bizarre enemies. I was disappointed that we didn’t learn anything more about Detective K’s bizarre “mother,” a strange celestial statue thing that we glimpsed last time. The main human villain in this episode never quite understands just how deep in the soup he is. In episode one, he was picked up outside prison by a representative of a murder-for-hire gang called BAD, and he decides to double-cross them this time. Bold fellow; he’s got no resources or assistance and they’ve got super-robots that can disassemble at will or stretch pincer-like claws across long distances like a robot Plastic Man.

Unfortunately, Toei’s only made the first two episodes available on their YouTube page so far. More unfortunately still, it seems like they are hoping for fansubbers to provide a little unpaid labor in translating more shows into other languages. Based on the comments, there are several fans in Brazil hoping for Portuguese subtitles. I’ll check back on their channel over the next few weeks; apart from more episodes of this, there’s another Toei sci-fi program that I hope will be available in May. In the meantime, I’ll probably point out Kikaider to our son. He might enjoy that…

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